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Bob's Picks

As we move into the holiday season we ramp up our inbound shipments in order to provide our valued clients the most diverse and highest quality inventory on a daily basis. Our acclimation team has been working overtime to ensure that this increased volume of treasured specimens receives the same handling they otherwise would.

The first step in this process is to arrange the inspection and release of our shipments as quickly as possible once they have arrived in Los Angeles. We coordinate arrival times of these shipments whenever possible so as to create the least amount of conflict in processing each consignment. The goal of this is to minimize the time animals spend in shipping containers.

The next step is to ensure that every shipment is handled individually as water quality parameters will vary by vendor and species. We then apply our time tested protocols based upon a large number of variables. Our acclimation and husbandry staff continually search for new information or techniques that will improve this process whenever possible.

All this is done to reduce stress on the animal, with the end result of making the transition to our holding facility as seamless as possible and maintaining the most robust feeding response. It is our hope that this tireless dedication to providing specimens of the utmost quality is translating to successful and content customers and hobbyists.

From our MAC Short Supply Chain in Fiji, we have some beautiful MAC SSC Scopas Tangs (Zebrasoma scopas). These are in the great shape you expect from SSC sources and are all feeding really well. The Fijian Scopas Tangs generally have a yellowish tint to their front half that sets them apart. These are great fish, in awesome condition.

We have a stellar selection of Australian Lineatus Fairy Wrasses (Cirrhilabrus lineatus) and even a few males in stock right now that are real head turners. These are all showing the stunning coloration these fish are famous for.

On the Aquacultured front we have a good supply of almost any cultured Clownfish you could want, but the Aquacultured Tomato Clownfish (Amphiprion frenatus) are in really excellent shape and have nice dark coloration.

As always there is a good selection of Reefhab Echinophyllia Chalices (Echinophyllia sp) that are nicely healed from fragging and ready for your display tanks. Give a couple of these a try.

We also have a good stock of Branching Green Yayamensis (Euphyllia yaeyamaensis). These are easily my favorite Euphyllia because of their branching growth form, neon coloration and unique polyp structure.

We have an amazing selection of fresh live rock (Scleractinia Rock) and very aggressive pricing on it currently. Give your sales rep a call for the newest stock list and best prices around.