News / Company News / The Picks (11/21/14)

The Picks

As far as the wholesale aspect of things, Black Friday is already here. Hopefully you've started stocking up already, but if you haven't, make sure to get your order in early this week. That way you run less risks of holiday shipping complications and your new charges can be acclimated and adjusted to their displays by the time you open for business Friday. The online ordering system is ready for those of you who just can't wait till your Account Manager gets here Monday morning. As a friendly reminder, even though the husbandry staff has to come in and care for the critters, everyone else will be home, giving thanks on Thursday.

If you are looking for a stunner showpiece, you should definitely take notice of the very limited number of Golden Puffers that we have in stock. These have a just wildly beautiful, deep golden color. You might also miss out if I didn't point out the SSC Hooded Wrasses (Cirrhilabrus bathyphilus) we have in stock right now. These are in great condition and are good candidates for adding in multiples, they'll work out a harem structure.

On the invert side of things, one of our aquaculture partners sent us a very nice batch of Aquacultured Blue Mushroom Corals (Actinodiscus sp.) These have excellent coloration and disc coverage. We also have an extensive selection of Open Brain Corals (Lobophyllia sp.). There is a size and a color variation for just about every taste. Ask your account manager about these.