News / Company News / The Picks (08/28/15)

The Picks

You know what's even better than our industry leading real time stocklist? Our down-to-the-second real time WYSIWYG. With our system, if you see it, it's available. Right now. No waiting for tonight when someone will update the inventory (if they remember to). Once an item is committed to someone's order, it disappears from the system. Don't sleep on your decisions though, while you're gazing at the photo, someone else is pressing the "add this to order" button and your opportunity will have slipped away.

Looking for something totally stunning AND aquacultured? Well, there's a ton of choices here, but from the fish side of the house, the Aquacultured Juvenile Pinnatus Batfish (Platax pinnatus). These little guys are that perfect juvenile black and orange color.

Also on the fish side of things, there is a small group of the nicest Short Supply Chain Male and Female Pictillis Anthias (Pseudanthias pictilis) here right now. These are fat, healthy and ready for new homes.

We have great supply of Aquacultured Metallic Green Torch Corals (Euphyllia glabrescens) in stock right now. Have no fear about adding a few of these to your next order, they have excellent polyp extension and electric coloration.

Been Looking for Lobo? You're looking in the right place. We have a limited number of Pachysepta Lobo Brains (Lobophyllia pachysepta) in stock with a killer orange eye and green rim. A variety of size colonies are available, though the number of them in house overall is small, so don't wait on these.