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Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day / Happy Presidents Day everyone. Hopefully today finds you at the shop, selling fish to all the hobbyists who got today off! Lucky people! Well if you haven't put in your order for this week yet, here's a few items you should consider before doing so...

We have a nice selection of Aquacultured Red Rim, Green Eye Brain Coral (Favites sp.). These are in really nice shape, with bright colors and thick, healthy mantles.

On the wilder side, we have some brilliantly colored Orange Maldivensis Colonies (Pavona maldivensis). These are bright, luminescent orange and big enough to frag out for those of you inclined to culturing your own stock.

One of our South Asia Short Supply Chains has sent us a very healthy batch of Lineatus Clown Tangs (Acanthurus lineatus). These are a perfect aquarium size and have excellent stark coloration.

And if you were looking for something much, much rarer, contact your Account Manager immediately or you'll never get a chance at these perfect little Gems...