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The Picks

Big thanks to all of you who stopped by our Booth at the Aquatic Experience in Chicago last weekend. We sure had a good time, and hope that you did too. It's a rare opportunity for us to talk to both store owners and hobbyists alike about how important supply chain is to the overall health of your animal, and the probability for success in keeping it. Also, if you stopped by and got a squishy fishy from us, send us a photo of it and we'll post it! You can send it to our FB via direct message, or email us at

For those of you waiting to get that show fish, we have a batch of the nicest Adult Achilles Tangs (Acanthurus achilles) that I have seen in maybe a year. These are fat and flawless with long flowing arcs on the tails and huge orange discs. Amazing. Get them now.

On the aquacultured front, we have just about anything you want for cultured clownfish, from Wyoming Whites to Lightning Maroons and everything in between.

As far as inverts go, there is a stunning selection of Aussie Acan Lords here right now, in a huge range of sizes and color forms. These are all showing awesome polyp extension and in amazing shape.

There is also a few very nice Aquacultured Pink Tip Elegance Coral (Catalaphyllia jardinei) in the building currently. These are perfect, there is no other way to describe it.