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The Picks

A big thanks to everyone who stopped by before Reef-A-Palooza today. It promises to be a great show. As per usual, we've donated all the fish for the big display tank again this year and we've sent along over sized tank tags for each of the species in the tank. You can scan those tank tags and get complete histories on each of those animals. For animals that we sent more than one of, we sent them all from the same batch of fish so each tag still applies to that animal. Have fun every one!

We have some very cool Multi-Barred Cardinals (Nectamia luxuria) from a great Short Supply Chain right now. These very hardy fish are a little bigger than most cardinals, but still school tightly. They have iridescent lines on their tail fins that glow really well under actinic light.

Also on the fishy front, there is a Gem Tang (Zebrasoma gemmatum) available right now. This is your chance to have one. With how hard it is to get fish out of that part of the world right now, it may be a long time before these are available again.

On the invert side of the house we have a good selection of aquacultured corals including some very nice Aquacultured Metallic Green Echinpora Chalices (Echinopora sp.) in stock right now. Make sure to show them off under some actinic lighting to see them really shine.

We also have some super cool Staghorn Antler Hermit Crabs (Manucomplanus varians w/ Janaria mirabilis) in stock right now that are a pretty unique item. We don't see them very often, and your customers sure don't either.