News / Company News / The Picks (08/14/15)

The Picks

If you haven't seen our WYSIWYG recently, be sure to check it out. The popularity of the system has us making upgrades and increasing stock level and bringing in more high end corals, and adding items more frequently. If you want to get the pick of the litter, stop by frequently. This isn't to say there isn't still some down right jaw droppers on the regular stock list because there are, and we have no intention of stopping that.

If you ask your Account Manager for a little guidance on those normal stock items, they can point you toward some real beauties like the Aussie Acans (Acanthastrea lordhowensis) in stock right now.

Of course, other items don't need to be on a WYSIWYG, because they are a known commodity. We'd waste our time and your money if we had to show you what every single Aquacultured Star Polyps (Briareum or Pachyclavularia sp.) looked like. So we don't; that doesn't mean they don't look awesome, but we trust you to know what a great Cultured Star Polyp looks like (and these are great).

Also on that cultured front, I would be remiss if I didn't point out the Aquacultured Clarkii Clowns (Amphiprion clarkii) we have in stock right now are just about perfect. These hardy little guys are about as adaptable as they come. I swear they will utilize just about anything as a host. This is another can't-miss kind of pick.

On my walkthrough today, I came across a several SM Dogface Puffers (Arothron nigropunctatus) all lined up like the puppy dogs they are named for. These are a perfect size, in perfect shape, and are totally tuned into people as feeders already. They made me wish I had some space in my own tank at home.