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The Picks

This week our thoughts are with the Philippine people struggling in the aftermath of 2 hurricanes. Hurricane season is in full force. There will be interruptions in supply from wild collectors, whose concentration will assuredly be on their families and friends. From our perspective at QM, we partner with many culture facilities in the area, and they are sure to be impacted, the extent of which will become known as the region stabilizes. Our vast collection of trusted supply lines will allow us to continue our excellent availability and quality, and our prayers are with the people in the wake of these disasters.

This week the trend of just amazing things being here continues. From the best selection of Longnose Black Tangs (Zebrasoma rostratum) that I've seen in a long time, to the uber rare Gem Tangs (Zebrasoma gemmatum) and a couple more surprises on the way, we certainly have some fish that will keep those customers coming back in.

On the invert side of the house, we have a vast diversity of Aquacultured Euphyllias (Euphyllia sp) in stock right now and we're running some really aggressive pricing on some of them in 3 lots. Talk to your account managers, and as long as you have them on the phone, ask them about Acropora colonies as well. We have a great selection of colors, sizes and growth forms available.