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The Picks

As a whole the marine ornamental industry, when managed in an ecologically responsible manner and best collection practices are adhered to, is a valuable asset to the community it serves. Not only does it provide a means of commerce, it also raises the awareness of the local (and general) population about their reefs. A truly thorough scientific assessment requires an enormous amount of data and this is one area where we, as an industry, can provide a vast amount of insight. Compared to the food fish industry our catch is minuscule, but because of the nature of our trade there exists a far more intimate relationship with the ecosystem. Quality Marine does an intense amount of tracking and data logging, much of which you have great access to via our QR code tank tags.

From our MAC Short Supply Chain in Fiji we have a good supply of absolutely gorgeous MAC SSC Coral Beauty Angels (Centropyge bispinosus). These are in big fat, amazing shape. Don't hesitate.

From our SSC in Maldives we have SSC Naso Tangs (Naso elegans) that are very nice, and a perfect size for the average hobbyist. Nasos always seem to be happier in groups so don't think twice about getting 3 to 5 of them.

On the invert side of the house, we have some mind blowing Australian Plate Corals (fungia sp). Sunsets, Pinwheels, Neon Greens, we have them all in tip top shape. These are certainly worth an ad to your next order.

If you are looking for something cultured, the Aquacultured Neon Green Palau Nepthea (Nephthea sp.) in stock right now are trending on the bigger side of usual, and are still that ridiculous neon color. Add a few of these, you won't be upset you did.