News / Company News / The Picks (02/19/16)

The Picks

The tropical stormy season is upon us! While that causes interruptions for many importers, our decades of experience have made us the stable business that we are and we have enough trusted partners around the world to ensure that we have the stock you need, when you need it.

Speaking of that stock, there is an extremely limited number of Gem Tangs (Zebrasoma gemmatum) in the building that are perfect. The are about the size of a standard lens cover. I would take one home myself if I could. These are the ones you've been waiting for.

Also on that rare front, there is some absolutely perfect MAC Dusky Tilefish (Hoplolatilus cuniculus) from our really amazing SSC in Fiji. While not as well known (or as pricey) as the gems, these are still a fish that most people haven't seen in an aquarium.

Over on the invert side of the house, there is some gorgeous Aquacultured Black Tube Corals (Tubastrea micracantha) here right now. There's also a very limited number of Aquacultured Yellow Tube here as well.

For those of you looking for Reef Anemones (Condylactis gigantea) get them now. We have an excellent selection of colors and sizes with out of this world pricing.