News / Company News / The Picks (01/08/16)

The Picks

While we are totally underwater here in Los Angeles, (thanks El Nino) we still have an excellent supply and our holding systems are in great shape because we run them on Tropic Marin salts rather than natural seawater which is very common in our industry. This means our system's water quality doesn't fluctuate when big rains cause runoff to impact near shore surface waters.

On top of that, we pack our animals in unused, newly mixed but still conditioned water. That means that you get the greatest amount of buffering capacity in the water we send your shipment in. That one small detail can make the difference between a fish in perfect condition, and a fish compromised by ammonia / pH burns. Does this cost more? Yes, but we know it's worth it, and you do too.

We just got a gorgeous shipment of Pygmy Red Rooster Waspfish (Paracentropogon zonatus) which is a new item for us. These are gorgeous, stay small (under 4.5") and don't need a ton of swimming room. They are venomous, so take care when handling.

We have a good supply of gorgeous Blonde Naso Tangs (Naso elegans) in stock right now in a good variety of sizes. These are in perfect shape and stunningly colored.

If you are looking for Australian Corals, we got you. There is everything here from Acans to Scolys, Euphyllias, the list goes on. If you were waiting for a stock up moment, this is that moment. Call your account manager.