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The Picks - Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! This is always such a fun time of year around here and this year has been no exception. From the myriad of species coming in, to the general air of excitement in the air here, nothing is quite the same as the holiday season. Here's wishing you the safest, most enjoyable New Year you can have.

This week, be sure to check out the Aquacultured Banggai Cardinals (Pterapogon kauderni). These are perennial favorite here and this batch of them is excellent.

Some times people overlook the simple things. Make sure not to do this with Yellow Tangs (Zebrasoma flavescens), we have an excellent stock in a variety of sizes, they are in killer shape from some of our best SSCs and our pricing is still amazing. If you aren't getting these here, you are wasting money.

On the invert side of the house, we have some beautiful aquacultured clams, in a wide variety of species, price points and sizes. You will not find a better, more sustainable or more beautiful clam on the market. Ask your account manager about the selection available.