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How to Kill the Styrofoam Monster Living in the Back Room.

(or why you don't need that styro-bot after all)

Your shipment of aquatic critters has successfully been unpacked and acclimated to your system, leaving you with a pile of Styrofoam. What can you do with the really big boxes that your customers dont want to take home, and or the broken ones? You dont need to fill up your dumpster with the stuff and you definitely dont want to be adding to the GPGP (great pacific garbage patch).

Has the pile begun to take on a life of its own? Has a styro-creature of frightening proportions taken over the back room, threatening the well being of all who enter there? Has your crew assembled a styro-bot to do battle with it?

At Quality Marine, we try to think of and limit every impact we have on the environment. So in addition to energy efficient pumps and lights, SSC animals, MAC certified animals, Reefhab corals and a myriad of other things, we have a very complete recycling system for in house waste. However, when we got around to the Styrofoam, we found it hard to get rid of in an environmentally friendly manner. If you have had the same issue then I think we can help.

Here is the (State by State) list of locations we used to find a spot to recycle our Styrofoam. We thought wed share it with you so you dont have to spend money getting your dumpster emptied, so the landfill gets one less item that will outlive us all, and so your customers love you for being green. Win-win-win.

For Recycling Locations, Click Here!