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Bob's Picks

Its the beginning of July and (as usual) Im fighting the urge to set up another aquarium at home. We always seem to have a beautifully stocked floor and it is just as amazing all summer long. Because collection conditions are usually quite good in the beginning of the summer, there are years where the mix of stuff here in June/July is just staggering.

Husbandry techniques and practices are absolutely key to the health and vitality of any species. Yet even the most perfect husbandry practices are wasted if the animal has not been properly collected and held and transported from the very start. Just like a puzzle, all the pieces are dependent on one another for any kind of result; in the end, one cant be missing, so short cuts are just not an option.

Starting with careful and constant analysis of supply chains all the way up to maintaining separate, pristine ship out water and every piece in between, QM goes the extra mile in every category. Its this leave no stone unturned attitude that makes us what we are.

Our Short Supply Chain in Fiji sent us a really nice batch of MAC 6 Line Wrasses (Pseudocheilinus hexataenia). These are super hardy, small pest predators that no shop should be without.

One of our culture facilities sent us a limited supply of Juvenile Pinnatus Batfish (Platax pinnatus) that are in perfect shape and absolutely striking.

On the invert side of the house, we have a great selection of Open Red Brain Lobos (Lobophyllia sp.). There is a variety of sizes, shapes and shades of red available. This is a super hardy, eye grabbing coral. Get a couple.

One of our coral farms sent us a few very nice Aquacultured Blue Mushrooms (Actinodiscus sp.) that are a much more blue than the usual violet ones (or the stock image for that matter). These are definitely worth a look.

For those of you looking for a showpiece fish, we have an excellent selection of very large Triggerfish in stock right now, several of them are beautifully conditioned. These would only be suitable for the largest of clients tanks, or for public aquaria. Ask your Account Manager.