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Photo of the Week - Chalice

Chalices make great aquarium additions. They live in a pretty wide variety of conditions, from low light in a corner, to bright light front and center. They do seem to like enough flow to keep them clean and free of any settled detritus. They can be fed in low current moments, in dark tanks. You will see their feeding tentacles exposed, when you do, go for it with small meaty foods. I like to use a baster.

While they grow fairly slowly, I've noticed a few things that seem to help increase their growth rate. Regular feedings, moderate light and current, and very very stable alkalinity. I keep one at the bottom of my tank, on a shadow line, the half of it that gets obscured light (400w, 14k, 30" above) seems to display better color and grow faster than the side in full exposed light.

Regardless of where you put them, acclimate them to higher light slowly, and you will be well rewarded. Some have told me that their chalices have very long sweeper tentacles, but I personally haven't found them to be that aggressive, losing most wars they get in to. (So keep them away from your platy.)

We got a couple of these last week, and they are well, judge for yourself...