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Bob's Picks

What a tough couple of weeks it has been for the states in the Midwest and Northeast. Massive storms have piled up the snow and have wreaked havoc with the various transportation companies we use to deliver our shipments.

Large temperature fluctuations can have dramatic impacts on cold-blooded animals. It is a necessity to adjust acclimation protocols based on the condition of the shipment upon arrival. For those who regularly use prophylactic treatments during quarantine or in your display aquariums, we advise using extra caution this time of year. Many times that seemingly low dose of copper that you usually use can have a devastating impact on already stressed specimens. The reactions of each individual fish can vary quite widely and this is really where the art of fish keeping comes in. Key indicators to look for to tip you off that something is amiss are abrupt color change, exceptionally vivid coloration that borders on unreal, excessive flashing, and/or shallow respiration.

Exceptional water quality combined with a high quality diet and as little stress as possible will go a long way in helping your specimens acclimate. Dont forget how harmful light can be, especially when making the transition from a dark shipping container to an illuminated environment; acclimating in dim lighting is never a bad idea. The impact of stress cannot be understated and it is especially important to pay close attention during this time of year. That extra bit of TLC can go a long ways to keeping your animals in optimal shape!

From our Short Supply Chain in Fiji, we have an excellent supply of MAC Convict Tangs (Acanthurus triostegus) that are a great small size, and robustly healthy. This the time of year to get small tangs from Fiji, and there are several other species available.

One of our aquaculture facilities sent us another really cool batch of Aquacultured Sub-adult Annularis Angels (Pomacanthus annularis), several of which are showing abberant barring, even as they segue out of juvenile coloration. As far as aquacultured angels go, these are beautiful, hardy and inexpensive.

We have a really outstanding batch of both Male and Female or Subadult Laboute's Wrasses (Cirrhilabrus laboutei) right now. These are gorgeous wrasses, in gorgeous shape.

On the Invertebrate side of things, we have a limited number of Umbrella Mushrooms (Discosoma neglecta) that are really colorful, and being sold on a "per polyp" basis. This is a great way to get the mushrooms, without having to ship a lot of rock.

The current theme of a wildly exapanding aquaculture section continues with a limited supply of truly unbelievable Green Horn Coral (Hydnophora rigida) in just plain amazing shape. There is a ton of other cultured SPS here right now, so be sure and ask you sales rep about it.

Aquacultured Soft Coral needs some love too, and the Aquacultured Colt Cladiella (Cladiella sp) is easy to love. The stuff here right now is somewhat over sized, and colored a beautiful pink. Buy some.