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New Lighting at Quality Marine

New Invert System Lighting at Quality Marine!

Quality Marine is pumped. Literally. Were midway through the installation of new high flow, high efficiency pumps, that should dramatically reduce our energy consumption. But what were really excited about is our new lights. This week our facilities crew powered up a new T5 lighting setup above nearly all our invert holding tanks. This new setup is made up of 62 separate fixtures that are blasting out almost 14,000 Watts of pure coral happiness.

Our sales staff is seeing our corals in a whole new light. They see them, and youll see them, exactly how they are going to look in your tank; polyps extended and fluorescing away like the Vegas strip. Lonnie Ready, Sales and Marketing Guru, is ecstatic, Our sales staff has always done an excellent job of picking only the best pieces for their clients, usually as soon as those pieces arrive. He continues now not only will they be able to continue this practice, but now they will be able to watch those pieces that dont immediately sell get more colorful and better acclimated to a captive
environment, its amazing really.

The husbandry staff is having fits of joy. When the lights went on, one of them shed a silent tear. Im just so happy he said. We know, we know, its ok, we are too. In all seriousness, we are already seeing better coloration in a variety of species. We will still we be offering you inverts that came in gorgeous, (and stayed that way) and now corals that have actually gotten better while here as well, not unlike our Reefhab Acans and SSC Maxima clams. Very photosensitive species like anemones will be at their stickiest, healthiest best when they leave our system and head to yours; giving them the best chance to survive.

For the people pulling and bagging your order, these lights make a world of difference. Under the old lighting system, the differences between slight gradations in color could be tough to differentiate. This system has made their processing time faster, and made them even more accurate.

We want you to get the best, healthiest, most colorful pieces for your stores and your tanks. We also want to give animals the best home possible while they are here. Its all part of our never ending commitment to the reefs we all love. The healthier animals are when they leave here, the better chance they have of living. Every specimen we save, leaves one more on the reef.