News / Company News / Bob's Picks (03/15/13)

Bob's Picks

This has been a hectic week of rescheduling inbound shipments to Quality Marine due to a mandated change in U.S. Fish & Wildlife procedure. To read the actual bulletin that was posted by Fish and Wildlife, please visit In short, Fish and Wildlife has mandated that no overtime activities are performed. This means the agency will not be able to inspect shipments arriving during the weekends or late evenings due to the Sequester. This also will affect our export orders and force us to work within a tighter time frame to get the proper inspections performed. We expect that other companies that import/export higher numbers of shipments over the weekend or late at night will be impacted the most by this change in procedure.

Fortunately for Quality Marine, the majority of our inbound shipments already arrive within an acceptable time frame and we anticipate the impact to be relatively minimal. We are however, putting our thinking caps on in trying to find alternative options for some of our collection stations that have limited accessibility and infrequent flight service. We are doing all we can to ensure our shipments are routed in the most expedient manner.

The maddening aspect in all of this is trying to project the impact the reduced inspection time period will have on all of the other related importation procedures as we move forward. Very few Federal services escaped the sequestration, so we are hopeful that this is the worst of the resulting effects on our industry. Nonetheless, Quality Marine will remain ever-adaptable in this changing environment and do everything we can to continue supplying our industry with the highest quality and the widest variety of marine ornamental.

Tis the season for Tiny MAC Tangs. Yes, the jingle is corny, but the content is accurate. We have an excellent supply of several different kids of small and tiny MAC tangs right now. The SSC MAC Sailfin Tangs (Zebrasoma veliferum) are really excellent. The average size is very small and they are in stupendous shape. If you are looking for juvenile Fijan Tangs, this is the time of year to get them.

We have a very limited supply of some just outstanding Aquacultured Platinum Percula Clownfish (Amphiprion percula). These are just about perfect, and thus they won't be here very long.

Another much rarer fish that we have in stock right now is the Hooded Bathyphilus Wrasses (Cirrhilabrus bathyphilus) in both male and female. Frequently called "Hooded Flame Wrasses," these SSC fish are just stunning.

When will the selection of aquacultured corals stop growing? Well, not this week, and as a result, you should check out the Aquacultured Blue Eye Daisy Corals (Alveopora spongiosa). These bear a superficial similarity to Gonipora genus corals, but are considered "easier" to keep. It also made our Photo of the Week.

Well, as long as we're on that aquacultured coral topic, we have just a killer supply of Yellow Polyp Toadstool Leathers (Sarcophyton sp.) here right now and they all look great. These are everything you want from a leather AND they are cultured. Does "win win" have a hyphen?

I don't talk about our mushroom corals that often, like so many other people, sometimes I over look them, but the Giant Mushrooms (Amplexidiscus sp.) here right now are really quite cool. Some are on the more purple side, some are ridiculously green, all of them are huge.