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Bob's Picks

The Holiday Season is now upon us and next week would be a great time to start making sure your display aquariums are fully stocked. By getting your shipment out next week you can be fully prepared to have a great presentation available the weekend before Thanksgiving. This will give your customers ample opportunity to get their aquariums spruced up just in time for holiday visitors. It will also allow you to concentrate on providing excellent customer service as the Christmas shopping period kicks off and avoid the traditional last minute rush on Turkey week.

Weve been working hard to stock up our inventory and make sure we continue to offer an incredible diversity for you to choose from. We have a full schedule of arrivals planned all throughout the upcoming holiday season.

Don't forget, as the weather starts to turn frigid it is imperative that you let your Customer Service Representative know what your current weather is like so they can arrange for the correct packaging during transit.

We have an excellent selection of Reefhab frags here right now and the Purple Tip Cristata (Euphyllia cristata) are really standing out to me. They have good coloration and stellar polyp extension. Plus sales from these items helps support the Reefhab program, so what's not to like?

Also from the outstanding list of Aquacultured invertebrates, we have another batch of the super popular A/C Monaco Peppermint "Aiptasia-eating" shrimp (Lysmata seticaudata) in stock right now. we have had very good results testing them in house, if you have aiptasia you need gone, a few of these guys will do the trick.

A fish we don't see that often is the tasseled Filefish (Chaetodermis pencilligerus) but we have a few of them in stock right now. If you are looking for a head turning fish for a display, look no further.

Lastly from our Short Supply Chain in the Coral Sea we have an excellent supply of Laboute's Fairy Wrasses (Cirrhilabrus laboutei) that are just outstanding. We have a good variety of sizes that are all eating well. We have no problem housing multiples here. In fact when kept in small groups they will establish harems, so buy a few.