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Bob's Picks

We hope you are finding our online ordering portal to be a useful tool in making more efficient use of your time. We are continually fine tuning it in response to customer feedback in order to make it as informative and user friendly as possible. There are many useful functions available to you via this method of ordering not the least of which is being able to shop the WYSIWYG inventory in real time. But the QM website is much, much more than just a method of placing an order with us. We are continually adding content and we have amassed a huge archive of educational articles aimed at making us all better informed aquarists. The subject matter covers all aspects of our industry and not just husbandry. Much of the content has been produced in-house based on actual hands-on experience. We also provide information that is relevant to the future of our hobby whether from current scientific findings, new marine based projects, environmental events or just something that we feel needs to be illuminated. Take the time to dive in to the QM website and see firsthand how much it has to offer!

This week we have an excellent supply of Pictillis Anthias (Pseudanthias pictilis) both male and female. These are quite fat and doing well. As with most Pseudanthias, we suggest keeping them in harems, or groups of females.

From our Short Supply Chain in Fiji, we have some very nice MAC Lemon Clown Gobies (Gobiodon citrinus) that are in just amazing shape, and brilliantly yellow.

For those of you looking for something a little different that isn't too expensive, you should think about trying some Ocellate Damsels (Pomacentrus vaiuli). These are absolutely stunning, one of my favorite damselfish.

On the invert side of the house, we have a limited supply of Oulophyllia Corals that are just amazing. If you haven't seen these before, ask your sales rep about them.

One of our culture facilities sent us a limited number of Aquacultured Mummy Eye Chalices (Echinophyllia sp.) with just huge red/orange eyes. They are a bit smaller, but the condition of them is nothing short of amazing.

The same facility also sent us a great batch of Spiny Cup Corals (Pectinia lactuca) that are in really excellent shape. These have a ridged growth form and look just killer, especially under actinic lighting.