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Bob's Picks

I was going over our inventory this morning and sometimes even I am amazed at the amount of diversity we have in our facility. For better or worse, perusing our stock list is sometimes like reading a small novel, but Im proud to be a part of the process of acquiring our specimens. It takes a huge amount of legwork to try and find the proper sources for every species we have available and it is an integral part of being able to provide the highest quality marine animals in the industry.

One might ask, What is a proper source?

Well, there are a great many factors that determine which source we prefer to utilize for certain fish. While our total cost to buy and get each animal here is a factor, we put an enormous premium on the health and quality of the animal. We know that not all collectors are equal and that there is a big difference between those who employ proper collection and handling techniques and those who do not. On top of that, for a variety of reasons, fish from one region sometimes just hold up and do better than the same fish from other regions. While this can often be attributed to the handling techniques, it can also be related to other environmental factors, such as the depth at which it was collected or the natural food sources that the animals are accustomed to eating.

I could go on and on about this, but the main point is that you cant simply get all your fish from one source and expect to have a broad variety of fish and have the highest quality. Weve been doing this for over 35 years now and we are still learning new things each day. Were constantly finding new and better sources for the many animals we carry for our customers.

We have some amazing wild colonies of Red People Eater Palys (Palythoa sp) in stock this week. These are some really good sized pieces with excellent coloration and coverage.

Be sure to ask your Customer Service Representative about the South Pacific Clam Sampler we have available this week. Its an excellent value and the clams are looking great!

From Sri Lanka we received a super supply of Diamond Watchman Goby (Valenciennea puellaris) and they are a perfect small size with vibrant coloration. A good addition for the aquarium with a deep sand bed.

We received a shipment of Green Band Goby (Elacatinus multifasciatus) and we expect these to go quick! These have beautiful coloration and their size would do well for just about any nano aquarium.

We have an awesome batch of assorted sizes of the RedFin Foxface (Siganus magnificus) in stock. These graze readily on most prepared foods and do a fine job of algae control.