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Bob's Picks

The holiday season has begun and now is the time to get your aquariums stocked if you have not done so already. We have been bringing in shipments over the holiday and will continue to do so in our efforts to have a full stock list available for you as we move into December. A wide and varied inventory is especially helpful this time of year as more often than not this is probably the time of year when foot traffic is up. Whether it is a long standing regular customer a budding marine aquarist or a gifter searching for ideas a well stocked display goes a long ways to sparking the enthusiasm. Of course the bread and butter staples of the industry have to be represented, but when you get right down to it how many of us were attracted to the hobby because of Turbo Snails or an Algae Eating Hermit Crab. Now may be the right time to have that pair of Watanabe Angels on display, a school of Midget Reef Chromis darting about in your main Reef or a harem of Carberryi Anthias. Remembering back to what really grabbed my attention when I was a lad a spawning pair of Tomato Clown complete with a host anemone. For many of us our passion and reverence for the ocean started the minute we walked into that shop with Marine aquariums. Utilize your Customer Service Representative to the fullest and let them direct you to the many gems within the QM Treasure Chest.

Speaking of gems, we have a limited number of Black Foxface Rabbitfish (Siganus niger) in stock right now that have acclimated very well. These are very timid fish, and thus we suggest keeping them in small groups.

As long as we're on the black fish topic (it is Black Friday as I write this after all), our Fijian Short Supply Chain sent us some MAC Certified Black Leopard Wrasses (Macropharyngodon nigrosensis) in a brilliant small size. These are in super shape, very active and eating well.

On the aquacultured front, we have a good supply of A/C Yellow Stripe Maroon Clownfish (Premnas epigramma) that are a perfect medium size and eating everything in sight. This is a natural clownfish for bubble anemones, and even cultured fish should take to the bubbles quite easily.

On the invert side of the house, we have a great supply of Pink Birdnest Corals (Seriatopora hystrix) with very bright coloration in a wide range of sizes.

We also have a wide variety of Elephant Nose Chalices (Mycedium elephantotus) that are some of the best color forms I have seen in a long time. There is a good range of sizes, although there is only a few of each size. These will not disappoint.

For anyone looking for some aquacultured pieces, you should really check out our A/C Horn Corals (Hydnophora rigida). These have just stupendous coloration and great polyp extension. This is about as easy a hard coral as there is out there. Pick up a couple, display them under actinic lights and watch them sell themselves.