News / Company News / Bob's Picks (10/26/12)

Bob's Picks

For those of you currently using our online ordering system, you should have seen our new WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) section. We wanted to provide our ship-out customers a way to be able to see select items before they order, consisting of some of the most stunning corals in the industry. Weve been thrilled at all of the positive feedback we have received and are very excited about the potential of this new system.

In order to view our WYSIWYG gallery you must be a current client of Quality Marine and have an active account. To navigate to the WYSIWYG ordering page, login to our system and in the drop down menu, click on the option to use our WebPO beta. You will see the purple WYSIWYG tab once you get to the main ordering section. Be sure to click on the individual items to see the larger graphics which really help you to get a good look at each piece.

We felt that it was important that once these special gems were selected, they should immediately become unavailable for other customers to order. With that in mind, we made the system to ensure that the first person to put the item in their cart gets priority. If you are the first, however, make sure you submit your order quickly as those items will become available to other users once the timer expires for the WYSIWYG items in your cart. Items are only permanently removed from availability once you submit your order.

Look for our selection to grow as we continue to scale up this great new system and please let us know what you think.

The Cultured Super Red Mushroom Corals (Actinodiscus sp) that are here right now are just stunning. The reds are vibrant, and the discs have good coverage.

We also have a great selection of Yellow Toadstool Leather Corals (Sarcophyton elegans) in stock right now. These are showing excellent polyp extension and are a brilliant bright yellow.

We have a limited supply of both male and female Cook Island Ventralis (Pseudanthias ventralis) in stock. They are doing very well and will not be here much longer. If you're even slightly interested, get them now.

From our MAC Certified Short Supply Chain in Fiji, we have some very nice Yellow Backed Goatfish (Mulloides sp.). We see these a bit less frequently than some of the other goatfish, but they have the same cool schooling behaviors.

I also want to bring up our Aquacultured Tomato Clowns (Amphiprion frenatus). These are a great size, are eating well, and have an uncommonly dark coloration for cultured Tomato Clowns. While not as dark as the wild versions, they don't have that "washed out" look that is common with Tomatoes. In addition, they are a great size, and would still be very easy to pair.