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Bob's Picks

I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record but one of the biggest indicators of health whenever you transport a cold blooded animal is how you manage temperature. Due to the extreme weather fluctuations North America has been experiencing recently, I wanted to really drive home the point about keeping your Customer Service Representative is up to speed on your current weather conditions.

It is again that special time of year, where here in Southern California we have the Santa Ana winds blowing and our temperature is around 90 and the destination is below freezing and snowing. Aaaand, to make the situation even more challenging the cold front just moved in overnight.

The point is that it may seem redundant, but always pay attention to whats going on in your area, and to local forecasting so you can be up to date on expected weather shifts when placing your order. We meticulously check the national weather maps obsessively here at QM but nothing beats an actual report from a person in the field and local forecasting goes into a lot more detail than national.

One of our Aquaculture facilities sent us a mindblowing batch of Aquacultured Premium Picasso Percula Clowns (Amphiprion percula) with some of the wildest patterning I have seen. These are a great size and well fed to boot.

Because of weather and holiday alignments, it has been difficult to source good small Sohal Tangs (Acanthurus sohal), but right now we have a good number in stock that are in killer shape. I featured these on this week's promos as well. Be sure to ask your sales rep.

If you are looking for something very different for a nano display, look no further than the Gumdrop Velvetfish (Caracanthus madagascariensis). These are extremely unique and hardy, but they are also venomous so take care when handling, and be sure to inform customers as well.

We have an amazing batch of Orange Tubastrea (Tubastrea aurea/faulkneri) that are sure to make some jaws drop. There is an excellent variety of sizes, all in really great health.

On the super limited front, we have some astounding Aussie corals here right now, but my favorites are the Acanthastrea bowerbanki. I know you recognize Acanthastrea, but many people haven't ever seen the bowerbanki species. There is a very limited supply of bright red colonies in stock. Don't miss out on these, but if you do, there are some other Aussie corals you should ask about.

Lastly, for those of you who have jelly fish displays we have a super selection of Dwarf Cassiopeia Jellies in stock.