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Bob's Picks

This weekend in Orange County will be Reef-A-Palooza, one of Southern California's most highly attended Marine Aquarium Hobby Conventions. Events such as these are a great opportunity for anyone interested in the hobby to get to see firsthand the extensive line of products available and gather information. As always there is a good line up of key speakers and demonstrations galore so plan for a busy, fact filled weekend. If youre attending from out of town would we would highly encourage you take the time to visit some of the many premier Tropical Fish stores that reside in Southern California. For any Quality Marine clients that will be in town we hope you take the time to arrange for a tour of the QM facilities and see firsthand our state of the art operation. As many of us from QM will be attending we hope to see you there and spend some time talking fish.

This week we have a very nice selection of Asfur Angels (Pomacanthus asfur) that are in stupendous shape. For anyone planning a Red Sea Display, this is a must have fish, and these are in must have condition.

We have a limited supply of Banana Tusk Fish (Bodianus perditio). These have awesome coloration and are nearly bomb-proof.

From our Fijian SSC, we have a nice selection of one of my favorite Anthias, Stocky Pinks (Pseudanthias hypselosoma). These are probably the hardiest anthias around, AND they look amazing. If you haven't tried a harem, you should.

Staying with Pink as a theme, we also have an excellent selection of Pink Birdsnest Coral (Seriatopora hystrix). These are brilliant pink with good polyp extension. The colonies are all a good fragable size and this is a great coral to propagate in this manner.

This week, one of our culture facilities sent us very nice batch of Aquacultured Red Mushrooms (Actinodiscus sp.). These have excellent color and coverage.

We added some Assorted Nano Coral Packs to our online ordering portal, and customers just can't get enough of them. They are inexpensive and feature a good variety. Try a couple.