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Bob's Picks

Quality Marine continuously seeks ways to improve the health and selection of the specimens we provide. One of the ways we do this is by periodically visiting our exporters facilities to assess their husbandry techniques, holding systems, receiving methods and the variety of their incoming stock. Whenever we have a representative out in the field it always causes a stir back here as there always seems to be some stellar items that get included with our shipments. Over the next few weeks we will be having an influx of some extraordinary pieces of coral so be sure to check with your Customer Service Representative to get the latest scoop on our new arrivals. It makes for a great time as we get the opportunity to possibly find a few species of fish and invertebrates we may have been missing out on. We also take the time to further refine what we are expecting on our staple items so we can provide our clients with high quality animals that are handled with the utmost care throughout the chain of custody. As we prepare to get ready for the Fall/Winter season look for some new surprises (that will be covered extensively on our Facebook page) in our already extensive inventory. We hope you share our excitement!

This week brought us an amazing shipment from our SSC in the Red Sea. First off we got a killer selection of Purple Tangs (Zebrasoma xanthurum) in a whole range of sizes, with the best numbers in small sizes. All of them are gorgeous, healthy and eating well.

Also from that source I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Sohal Tangs (Acanthurus sohal) in a perfect medium size. Great coloration and health. These won't last at this price.

We started the week with killer selections of both Male Eightline Fairy Wrasses (Paracheilinus octotaenia) and Asfur Angels (Pomacanthus asfur) from that SSC as well, while we still have a few left, selection is a lot more limited than it was.

Of course we have a lot of other fish to feature here this week, including more Aquacultured Juvenile Annularis Angels, Aquacultured Threadfin lookdowns, and our usual killer selection of MAC SSC fish.

On the Invert front, Our selection of Aquacultured Derasa Clams (Tridacna derasa) is really something special. Great size, sharp coloration and "snapping" healthy.

We are recently released yet another cultured zoanthid colony, and we have plenty of the Aquacultured Eye of Jabba Zoanthids (Zoanthid sp) ready for shipping. The orange face / orange skirt combo on these is definitely eye catching.