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Bob's Picks

In the last couple months weve brought on a few new Short Supply Chain vendors as part of our continuing efforts to ensure a consistent inventory of specimens of the highest quality. Some of our newer customers might be asking, what makes a Short Supply Chain exporter?

Its really quite simple fish that have been collected that morning and are back in the facility the same day. We make it a priority to support these types of operations wherever and whenever possible. Our years of experience and obsessive dedication to detailed record keeping have shown that collectors who provide the specimens subjected to the least amount of stress provide animals that perform the best.

Usually these types of operations are small and holding capacity is responsibly managed so as not to tax the system. For us this means more shipments, more often. Our continual support allows them to better manage the stock they have, and to make space for new incoming arrivals. This size limits the number of heads produced, but results in a higher quality animal.

Sustainability and environmentally responsible practices are a given in these types of situations as the health and welfare of the animals comes first. In order to provide our supporters with the highest quality marine organisms we have to start off with specimens that are treated with the respect and care they are deserving of.

Be sure to ask your Customer Service Representative about our commitment to SSC supply chains and if you utilize our static cling tank tags for your aquariums all SSC specimens are noted. Your continued support is appreciated beyond measure as we strive to bring you the highest quality marine animals the industry has to offer.

This week we have some very unique animals to feature, one of my favorites being Pelicier's Perchlet (Plectranthias pelicieri). We don't often get these, and when we do they are extremely popular. I hope you read this before they are gone...

Also on the rare and beautiful front, we have a few gorgeous Black Longnose Tangs (Zebrasoma rostratum) in an amazing small size. These are eating well and look great.

For those of you looking for a slightly less expensive rare fish, we have a limited supply of Timor Orange-Dashed Wrasse (Halichoeres timorensis). This is a gorgeous, extremely hardy wrasse that isn't seen all that often.

On the invertebrate side of the house, we just got in an excellent shipment of Lobophyllia Corals (Lobophyllia sp) with an outstanding variety of coloration and size. These are in great condition with big fat mantles.

One of our culture facilities sent us a batch of Aquacultured Branching Alveopora (Alveopora spongiosa) that have to bee seen to be believed. These have an amazing variety of colored polyps. While these always have excellent polyp extension and are very nice, this batch has a crazy variety of colors not usually seen.

Also on that cultured front, we have an excellent supply of Aquacultured Orange Face, Green Rim Ricordea (Ricordea yuma) that are really brightly colored. These have amazing coverage.