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Bob's Picks

Sometimes with livestock purchasing, even when you think you have everything covered, a perfect storm comes along and throws your careful planning out the window. However, I firmly believe that when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade! This week we got some lemons served in the form of Holidays and weather. Wednesday was Eid al Fitr which marked the end of the Muslim holy period known as Ramadan. Traditionally, the availability of marine fish and invertebrates from areas with large Muslim populations is substantially decreased around this time. There is about a two week period before supply is ramped back up to normal production. In an effort to offset this expected lull in collection we rely on our vast network of vendors to compensate for those who are on holiday. This we planned forthe weather is a different story.

Mother Nature unleashed not only Hurricane Irene in the Atlantic Ocean but tossed in Typhoon Nanmadol in the Pacific as well. Obviously our regular supply lines have felt the effect of these combined influences. The silver lining in these spinning clouds is that we have the opportunity to showcase some less common specimens. Because we are utilizing some of our less frequently used sources, we see some species not normally offered. These will continue to creep onto our stock list over the next few weeks, so look for an even wider range of inventory and some pretty sweet and uncommon animals!

This week we have a limited number of some really gorgeous Blue Line Angels (Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis) in juvenile and subadult colorations.

From Australia we have an excellent selection of Large Scott's Velvet Wrasses (Cirrhilabrus scottorum). These are fat and healthy; the colors must be seen to be believed.

We have an excellent supply of both male and female aquacultured Yellow Kuda Seahorses (Hippocampus kuda). These range from a bright yellow to a light orange and are the perfect critter for that nano tank display.

Our selection of Eels is really exceptional right now, from the small Morays everyone likes to less common items like Black Ridge Morays, Zebra Eels and White Mouth Comet Eels, there is sure to be something to perk your customers interest here. Ask your Sales Rep about the rest of the selection.

From our Reefhab line we have a new batch of Metallic Green Trumpet Frags (Caulastrea sp.) ready for release. Like all our Reefhab frags, these are fully healed from the fragging process, and growing daily.

Lastly (and certainly not leastly), we have some astounding Blastomussa merleti (Blastomussa merleti) available, including some show / display size pieces. Have your Sales Rep pick some out now!