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Bob's Picks

It appears Hurricane season is officially under way in the Atlantic Ocean; my wish is that all who are subject to the wrath of the elements are kept from harms way. These situations are nothing new to residents of these regions and they have learned how to cope with the realities of life in such an environment. Our suppliers have all been through this before and they keep us appraised of conditions as they unfold. Its times like these when our extensive network really comes into play by helping us maintain stock levels regardless of affected supply lines.

The danger of an imminent hurricane impacts collection both prior and subsequent to the storm. Choppy seas are the rule, impacting areas miles away from the storm itself. Collecting in these rough conditions is extremely difficult. Frequently the aftermath also provides less than ideal water conditions, especially visibility.

All that being said, for the next month or two, supply of some of the staples from the Atlantic could be impacted, fortunately we feel confident that we (and our inventory) will weather the storm.

From Africa we have a limited number of Juvenile and Sub-Adult Chrysurus Angels (Pomacanthus chrysurus). They are looking great so you better act fast as they wont last long.

We have in stock the Rippled Rockskipper Blenny (Istiblennius edentulous). These are an awesome looking algae eating Blenny from Australia.

If you need some spice for an extra large display we have some beautiful 8 Adult Achilles Tang (Acanthurus achilles) in stock. These are truly vibrant and fat!

The Australian Pink/Purple Tip Elegance Coral (Catalaphyllia jardinei) look spectacular and are fully extended. Ask your Customer Service Representative about this weeks special promo.

We still have some of the Cook Island Aquacultured 4 -5 Blue Rim Clams (Tridacna derasa) available. These are some stunning specimens with electric coloration!