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Bob's Picks

What a strange week of weather we have been experiencing and its not just the U.S., but especially in North America, temperatures have been all over the place. Which brings me directly to the point; I cannot stress enough the importance of taking arrival water quality parameters.

Among other parameters, we encourage everyone to always take temperature readings on arrival and document so you can identify trends for future use. It is especially important this is done when you first receive the shipping containers in your facility so you have the most accurate representation of your water conditions during transit. Relaying this vital piece of information back to us allows us to further hone our adjustments to temperature control on future shipments.

Many of the problems we encounter both as shop keepers and hobbyists more often than not can be traced back to some form of stress encountered during the transportation process. Maintaining a stable environment throughout the chain of custody is an often overlooked factor, but paying close attention to these kinds of details will provide an animal that will acclimatize seamlessly and transition to normal feeding behavior more rapidly. As we enter the latter stages of summer and move into the fall with its sometimes wildly fluctuating meteorological patterns please dont overlook this scenario. Our goal, as always, is to ship you the highest quality specimens in the most stress free manner possible, so you can get the best animal in the best condition.

For those of you looking for a different Anthias we have a limited supply of Cooper's Fairy Anthias (Pseudanthias cooperi) that are in just great shape. This is an Anthias we don't see that often, so if you want them, get them now.

In the last week, we recieved truly outstanding SSC Male Vermiculate Leopard Wrasses (Macropharyngodon bipartitus). There isn't a large number of them, but they are sporting brilliant nuptial male coloration and are in really excellent condition.

Also, we have a good selection of Adult Blue Face Angels (Pomacanthus xanthometopon) that are the perfect blend of full blown adult coloration and very manageable medium to medium-large size. These are eating everything we show them and are already quite personable.

The photo we have of the Aquacultured Branching Red/Pink (Montipora sp.) looks great on our stocklist. However, the specimens we have in stock right now are that times 1000. These are big and thermonuclear pink.

Staying on the aquacultured invert front, we also have a really great supply of Aquacultured Sexy Dancer Shrimp (Thor amboinensis). These are social little critters so make sure to order them in groups of at least three. A trio of these is the perfect thing for that desktop pico reef by the cash register.

We have a great selection of small sized Neon Orange Plate Corals (Fungia sp.) in a small size (which is still a bit bigger than a 50 cent piece.) All of these have excellent polyp extension, and eye popping color. A few of them have off color polyps as well. Don't miss out.