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Bob's Picks

Every shipment that arrives to QM is specifically treated; the process is dependent on the species of the animal, the water quality in the shipping container, and the condition of the individual specimens. After new arrivals are acclimated to our system they get transferred to our state of the art holding system. Once the animals are exhibiting their natural swimming patterns, our experienced husbandry staff will begin their feeding regimen. The importance of initiating the feeding response as soon as possible cannot be understated.

Not all animals recover quickly from their arduous travel and sometimes require further time to recuperate with more species specific attention. This could range from simply reduced exposure to light all the way to a wide array of prophylactic treatments dependent on the symptoms of the animal. Our extensive husbandry regimen has been gleaned from the best science available and over 35 years of practical experience.

We make our animals time here at Quality Marine as stress free as possible by providing optimal water quality conditions. Every week we receive a vast number of shipments from a wide range of countries. Because of this we go to great lengths to prevent cross contamination. We utilize individual fill and drain aquaria all the way down to our single compartments. We combine this with the extensive application of ultraviolet sterilization to prevent pathogen transmission. Maintenance of all our systems is done on a "more often than needed" basis, to ensure the best, cleanest conditions for all our charges.

Ultimately our goal is to always provide our customers with a well-adjusted and heartily feeding specimen of the highest quality and health.

From our Short Supply Chain in Fiji, we have an extremely limited number of MAC Yellow and Black Angels(Centropyge woodheadi). This is not an Angel we see very often, especially from this supply chain. These are in terrific shape.

Also on the extremely limited front, we have a couple of Black Longnose Hybrid (Zebrasoma rostratum x scopas) that look awesome and are fully conditioned animals; they'll eat everything.

We have so many tiny puffers here right now that are awesome it is hard to choose just one, but since I have to, I am going with the Dogface Puffers (Arothron nigropunctatus). These are everything you want puffers to be, eating awesome and totally people engaged.

We have a great selection of Favia Colonies (Favia sp) here right now, be sure to ask your sales rep about some.

There is also a good number of just brilliant Aquacultured Green Horn Coral (Hydnophora rigida). These have aweome polyp extension, and are screaming green.

For a slightly different eye catcher, this week we got a shipment of Purple Claw Daumi Lobsters (Enoplometopus daumi). These are very colorful and healthy. They'll definitely get a second look in your display tanks.