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Bob's Picks

At QM, we are always seeking out new sources for supply to supplement our ever expanding daily inventory. The really interesting part is trying to find a source where a particular species occurs in abundant numbers. Looking at a range of distribution (eg. via really only tells you a small part of the story, because what is common in one area may be a rarity in another.

Once we find an abundance of the species we are looking for, we try to find out what type of habitat it is found in. This can have a major impact on collection, making it either an easy or difficult specimen to collect. Rubble zones for example are much easier for the collector to work in than dense coral reefs. There are fewer hiding areas and less obstacles. Depth is another concern as decompression techniques can make or break the collection of a species. Certain fish take a lot of effort to decompress properly and when corners are cut in this area, the health of the specimen can be severely compromised. Furthermore, while some species may occur at relatively deep depths in one area, they may often congregate in shallow waters elsewhere, allowing collection without decompression. Finding sources like these, where collectors can catch fish without exposing themselves to great risk and catch fish with relative ease is a key (and often overlooked) factor in developing good supply.

Over the 35 years we've been in the business, we have developed a vast knowledge of where to find the most robust fish throughout the tropics. This knowledge continues to grow as we further expand our inventory and selection, making it the deepest and most diverse in our industry, all while consistently having the highest quality of animals.

From our MAC Short Supply Chain in Fiji, we have an excellent supply of nice big Purple Queen Anthias (Pseudanthias Tuka). These are a lustrous deep purple and in great shape.

Also from that MAC SSC Fijan source we have a great selection of Bicolor angels (Centropyge bicolor). These guys are in really good shape, eating a variety of prepared foods, and quite tame.

We have just a few Onyx and Semi-black True Percula Pairs (Amphiprion percula) available. These pairings are complete, so they won't just swim away from each other or start fighting when you get them in the display AND they are eating like Sumo wrestlers.

How about something completely different? We have a very diverse collection of Octopi (Octopus sp.) in stock right now. These interesting creatures are sure to grab attention in your displays, just make sure to provide a tight fitting lid on whatever you put them in.

The Reefhab Zoanthid Frags (Zoanthid sp.) we have ready for sales are truly stunning and an excellent value. Be sure to add a couple to your next order, you won't regret it.

We have some really excellent Maze Brain corals (Platygyra sp.) in stock right now, so be sure to have your Customer Service Rep pick you a gorgeous example or two.