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Bob's Picks

Our Aquarama trip provides the perfect venue to arrange meetings and facility tours with our exporters. Whenever we visit our suppliers we leverage the opportunity to not only identify new items, but also work on areas we can improve.

Many times a minor process adjustment can have a huge impact on the overall performance of the targeted species. Frequently, these improvements pertain to packing but we occasionally identify other potentially problematic processes. There have been instances where we suggested a minor adjustment to holding protocols by an exporter that at first glance appeared inconsequential but in the end, vastly enhanced conditions on the arrival side.

Trips like this give us the opportunity to gauge the quality of a supply line from start to finish. While we have literally decades of information and spreadsheets on how specific animals perform from specific collectors, there is just no substitute for seeing everything first hand. There is a seemingly endless array of variables in this industry, and a feet on the ground perspective is a totally invaluable aspect of bringing you the most consistent supply of the highest quality specimens available.

We got an exceptional batch of Aussie Scolys (Scolymia australis) in this week. If you haven't talked to your sales rep about them, do so now. Supplies are limited.

We have some really, and I mean really, outstanding Aquacultured Orange Multi-polyp Tubastrea (Tubastrea aurea/faulkneri) that are amazing. They have brilliant coloration, and so many heads it is ridiculous. Get these quick.

We have an excellent batch of both Male and Female Tierra Anthias (Pseudanthias pulcherrimus) that are nice and chubby. If you want to set up a harem or two, this is a great opportunity.

On the aquacultured front, we have a good supply of Aquacultured Pompano (Trachinotus sp.). These chromed out little guys are big eaters, and robustly healthy. Again, this is something that is not your everyday cultured offering.

One of our Short Supply Chain vendors sent us a good supply of Yellow Coral Beauty Angels (Centropyge bispinosus cf). These are just gorgeous, fat, brightly colored and have a good variation in between them, though most are totally devoid of the usually black barring.