News / Company News / Bob's Picks (05/03/13)

Bob's Picks

As we move closer to the onset of the summer season I am looking forward to the renewal of a few supply lines and the diversity they have to offer. Here at QM we recognize the importance of not only ensuring we have an ample stock of the bread and butter available during this time, but also the odds and ends that keep the dedicated hobbyist stopping by for a visit. As the weather warms up and the call of the outdoors beckons, it is imperative to maintain a well-rounded inventory in order to keep all of your clientele engaged and interested.

Some of the cherries to watch out for in the upcoming months are Watanabe Angel pairs, Bathyphilus Wrasse pairs, male and female Femininus Wrasse, Ventralis Anthias, and Galba Damsels just to name a few. We also have brought on board another mariculture coral supply line and there are some very high quality specimens to be had. As always, we will be working hard for our loyal supporters, so be sure to check our website and Facebook page often for all of the latest arrivals and company news.

Name(Scientific name) We have an astounding selection of Crater Open Brain Corals (Trachyphyllia geoffroyi) in stock. The range of coloration and patterning is really amazing.

One of our mariculture facilities has been sending us some extremely healthy Blue Eye Daisy Corals (Alveopora spongiosa). Polyp extension is outstanding, sizes are good, but quantities are limited.

Also on that same more-limited-invertebrate front, we have a few, very gorgeous Flower Tree Corals (Scleronephthya sp) that are just plain brilliant. They are labeled "red" but they range from bright orange to deep red to lavender purple. These all look spectacular.

This is a good time of year for tiny fish, and we have a wide variety of juvenile angels and triggers in stock. One juvenile fish that I don't see that often is the Marine Betta (Calloplesiops altivelis) and we have a couple small ones right now that are thumbnail size and have the white sided juvenile colorations. Amazing.

From our Short Supply Chain in Fiji, we have some (very) small MAC Humu Picasso Triggers (Rhinecanthus aculeatus) that are just so little and excitable I can't help but call them cute.

On the extremely limited, rare, awesome front, we have several show size Angels and Triggers, but there is just a couple Queensland Groupers (Epinephelus lanceolatus) that are totally conditioned to people, you walk by their tanks and they come right up looking for a snack. These things are ready for a display.