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Bob's Picks

As Spring Break comes to an end and we enter into May, now is the opportune time to start drumming up ideas for prospering during the slower summer months. Keeping your shop sparkling and looking fresh is something that is always noticed by your clientele, whether they mention it or not. For new customers, a good first impression goes a long ways towards establishing a continued relationship. Well maintained displays are much more appealing and attest to the skill and experience of the employees.

Just because the weather is getting nice doesnt mean the average aquarist isnt looking to add something to their aquarium, so be extra careful not to get stuck in a rut. Remember, variety is the spice of life! Breaking tradition and trying something new might just be the ticket to spark your regular customer's interest. Here at Quality Marine, weve got more oddball and uncommon items than you can shake a stick at, so its never hard to find something new and fascinating to order on your next shipment. If you need any help in changing it up and can use some guidance, feel free to contact your sales rep as they are always more than willing to help their customers navigate successfully through these harder summer months.

This week we have, from our Australian supply line, some exceptional Male Lineatus Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus lineatus) in stock and ready to ship. These vibrantly colored Labrids would look awesome in any reef display.

One of our Eastern Asia suppliers has sent over some great looking Tiger Color Striated Anglers (Antennarius striatus). If youre into Anglerfish, these are extremely cool with their tiger stripe pattern and yellow-orange coloration.

From our Central Pacific source, we received a limited number of larger sized Tailbar Radiata Lionfish (Pterois radiata). These are one of my favorite lionfish with their delicate finnage. They can be one of the more challenging species of their genus, but the work is well worth it.

Our Tonga collector shipped us a very limited number of Pink/Rose Maldivensis Coral (Pavona maldivensis). We rarely see this coloration, so be sure to have your Customer Service Representative select one of these cherries for you.

From Indonesia we have an excellent batch of Green Center Jasmine Polyp Knopia sp. These are fully extended and basking under our array of T-5 lamps.