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Bob's Picks

Happy Easter!

Im looking forward to meeting those of you who are planning to attend the Regional Aquatics Workshop (RAW 2012) in Chicago next week. Not only will one of our Senior Aquarists be attending the workshops for all of the latest information available, I will be there along with Lonnie Ready, our director of Sales and Marketing. Together we will be operating a booth so we can have the opportunity to meet all of the attendees firsthand. The John G. Shedd Aquarium is hosting the conference this year and judging from the lineup, we expect there will be some very interesting presentations.

Though I will be away from the office, dont fret as we have some really great shipments lined up for the coming week with a few surprises included for good measure. We had a super shipment of Bali maricultured corals arrive on Friday so we will have an awesome selection for Easter week. It may be the start of Spring Fever for most of the country, but look to QM where you will always find a wide array of specimens available.

I hope to see and meet many of you in the Windy City next week at RAW 2012.

We have an excellent selection of butterflies from our Short Supply Chain in Fiji this week, so it's hard to pick one, but if any of them really stick out it's the MAC Saddleback Butterflies (Chaetodon ephippium). We don't have too many of these specifically, but don't worry, if you miss out, the rest of the MAC butterflies are in outstanding shape as well.

We have a good supply of Juvenile Narrow Banded Doliatus Wrasse (Hologymnosus doliatus) right now. These extra tame little guys are eating really well and look just a little different than what people are used to seeing.

For the Pufferfish fans out there looking for a new puffer to offer, you should consider the Narrow Line Striped Toadfish (Arothron manilensis). We have a solid selection of small and medium fish that are all in quite good shape.

On the invertebrate front, we have an outstanding supply of Vitensis Scolymia (Scolymia vitiensis) in a variety of colors. Definitely don't pass up this opportunity to grab of few of these underrated corals.

We have a few very nice pieces of Aquacultured Branching Green Hydnophora (Hydnophora rigida). These are some of the most vibrant pieces of Hydnophora I've seen in a while.