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Bob's Picks

As most of you are well aware, Quality Marine sells wholesale to the trade only. We do not sell directly to the hobbyist. We hear all the time from aquarium professionals that Quality Marine has one of the most stringent application procedures in the industry for opening an account. First of all we will sell only to established Brick & Mortar retail outlets or warehouse locations that have a valid business license and a verifiable business phone listing under the heading of Aquariums, Pet Shops, etc.

In our industry especially, there can be a number of different scenarios that can impact the approval process and sometimes new businesses are more challenging to verify as a legal entity. Some may view our verification process as a bit cumbersome, but we prefer to err on the side of caution especially when you consider how much of an investment is being made by a new shop owner. All of our requirements have been instituted to help ensure our customers are not being subjected to an inequitable disadvantage, like competing with garage shops. Obviously someone who has an aquarium in their garage and only takes special orders on the weekends is not a true 24/7 Retail Establishment and does not have the associated overhead costs. For us to blindly open accounts based on assumption does a disservice to the hard working aquarium professional and would be downright irresponsible. We do hope you share our commitment to providing support to the true retail establishment.

From our SSC in Fiji, we have an excellent batch of MAC Certified Two Bar Spinefoot Rabbitfish (Siganus doliatus). These have striking coloration and are in that awesome SSC condition. Be sure to add a few of these, they always thrive in groups.

We have a very limited supply of Pouter Blushing False Eye Gobies (Acanthocepola indica) in stock right now, also in spectacular shape. This is a very unique fish, both in appearance and swimming activity. Get them quick.

Also on the wierd and wonderful level, we have some Velvet Gumdrop Gobies (Caracanthus madagascariensis) that are very healthy. This is a very unique little fish, well suited to nano aquaria. They are venomous, so take care in handling them.

We have an excellent selection of Aquacultured Fire and Ice Zos (Zoanthid sp.) and they usually don't last long around here. These rocks are showing good coloration and coverage.

We have just a couple Large and XL Australian Pineapple Brain corals (Plesiastrea versipora). One of these would look spectacular in a large display.

Lastly, we have a excellent selection of some truly exceptional live rock this week, from XL Show Pieces to Elkhorn, Tukani and Slab / Shelf rock. We are also offering pre-order pricing on our Fiji Premium as well as some more promotional pricing. Be sure and call your sales rep right away.