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Bob's Picks

If you've been following international news, you've seen that Indonesia has had two major volcanic eruptions in the last 2 weeks, the most recent being Mount Kelud in eastern Java, Indonesia. The volcano is centered between two major marine specimen export centers Jakarta and Denpasar. There has been loss of life and tens of thousands of people have been evacuated on one of Indonesias most populated islands. There is an extensive cloud of ash and debris that has caused airport closures and disrupted daily life. Depending on the extent of further eruptions and the ensuing ash cloud this may cause more far reaching airport closures so aircraft can avoid potentially dangerous situations. As with any airport closures the movement of any tropical fish shipments will be delayed or cancelled altogether. We will keep you updated of any developments as they occur. Our thoughts are with the people that are in the midst of this natural disaster.

For more on the eruption.

International Federation of Red Cross

If you've been looking for that one amazing eel, we currently have a great selection of unique ones. The Dragonface Eel (Muraena pardalis) we have right now is especially stunning.

From our Short Supply Chain in Fiji, we have a good selection of Golden Domino Damsels (Dascyllus auripinnis). these are in robust health, with nice golden bellies and jet black backs.

We have some very unique Purple Firefish (Nemateleotris decora cf.) that are a Short Supply Chain fish. These are a very cool variant with a coloration unique to this location. These cost a little bit more than normal Purple Firefish, and are worth every penny. They are gorgeous, come from a sustainable supply line and are the picture of well fed health. Don't hesitate about picking up a few of these.

One of our Australian suppliers sent us an absolutely killer batch of Pink/Purple Tip Elegance Corals (Catalaphyllia jardinei) that have to be seen to be believed. Excellent coloration and polyp extension.

If you are looking for some bigger montiporas, we have some Encrusting Purple Montipora (Montipora sp) that have great color and are big enough to sell as showpieces or frag out. These are a great buy.

On the more limited front, we currently have some Aquacultured Darth Maul Zoanthids (Zoanthid sp). These have nice sized, healthy polyps and good coverage.