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Bob's Picks

Aquaculturing marine species on a commercial scale is a daunting undertaking. The learning curve is vicious, and the trial and error process in the early days is monetarily prohibitive. Set backs are constant and it is only because a few passionate individuals are willing to stick this process out that progress is made.

It is because of this that we get so excited to be able to offer aquacultured species of any type. It seems like we are able to add a new cultured coral to our stock list nearly every week, but progress with fish is much slower. Because of this when we have a new aquacultured fish in the building, the buzz around here is palpable. To this end, we have our usual selection of amazing cultured clownfish in stock and we have one more aquacultured Maze Angel in stock for some lucky buyer.

This week we also added an amazing selection of aquacultured Tridacna clams as well as a couple new aquacultured corals. Be sure to give your account rep a call to say abreast of all the new additions!

One of those new corals is the Aquacultured Australomussa Brains (Australomussa rowleyensis) we have a good cultured stock in both red and green variants. These are good sized and have very full mantles. Make sure you display them under actinic lighting to get the most pop out of them.

Speaking of brains, we also have a great selection of Favia Brain Colonies (Favia sp) in an amazing variety of color forms. Definitely talk to your Account Manager about these.

On the more limited side, we have a few very nice Flame Scallops (Lima scabra). These are just blazing orange and in great condition.

On the fish side of the house, our Short Supply Chain in Melanesia sent us some extremely nice Starki Damsels (Chrysiptera starcki)that are in perfect shape and sporting coloration that I can only describe as electric. Amazing.

Staying on the Short Supply Chain damsel thing, our Fijian SSC supplier has sent us some MAC Lyretail Vanderbuilt Chromis (Chromis vanderbilti). There isn't a ton of them, but they just shimmer. If you are looking for a school of different Chromis, these are the ones.

Lastly we have a few, very nice African Two Banded Clownfish (Amphiprion bicinctus). This is a bigger clownfish that we don't often see so don't wait if this is a clown you have been looking for. These are nice and fat.