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Bob's Picks

The year so far has been full of unanticipated meteorological events that hamper a fishermans daily routine and in many instances prevents the boats from going out at all. Weather conditions around the world are still making collection difficult. Fortunately by maintaining our global supply network we are not reliant on just one or two distribution chains. We have been building connections and working with the best supply lines all over the world for decades, and because of this, we have shipments arriving daily containing a broad selection of species, even in the face of these challenging times.

It is especially important at this time of the year to check back often on our website or task your Customer Service Representative to maintain a watchful eye out for a desired species. We have some really hot, hot , hot corals in stock, and they go so quickly that if you don't check in often, they are sold before you know they were here.

Hopefully the weather here in North America will be a little more cooperative in the near future so our supporters that have been a bit frozen over can take advantage of some of the jewels in our treasure chest.

We have an excellent supply of zoanthids in stock in a variety of color forms. These are very healthy, with amazing polyp condition and coverage. Ask your account manager about these, many could be show pieces, others would be perfect propagation material.

On the Aquacultured front, we have some extremely nice Cultured Chalices (Echinophyllia sp) that should be seen. Most of these are good enough to be on our WYSIWYG section, so don't hesitate to order a couple. The "Creamsicle" variety are a newer item and are very cool.

Also on the aquacultured front you may have noticed we've been adding more Tridacna Clams to our WYSIWYG section. The rest of that story is that we just don't have time here to add them all. The ones we post are beautiful, but the rest of them are just as nice. These are a steal.

We have a good supply of Red Firefish (Nemateleotris magnifica) in stock right now. The African ones are especially nice. These have unmatched color and durability. They will cost a little more, but they are worth it. Look for item number 1185194.

Amongst our aquacultured fish, the Extreme Misbar Ocellaris (Amphiprion ocellaris) are really outstanding. We have a good selection of them and they are in excellent shape.

We have an superb supply of Caribbean Angels in stock right now, from Juvenile French Angels, to Rock Beauties up to show size Adult Queen Angels we definitely have something in stock to turn some heads in the shop.