News / Company News / Bob's Picks (01/24/14)

Bob's Picks

Here at QM, we are still being inundated with reports of weather effecting collection efforts in many parts of the globe. Choppy seas and rain have made for poor visibility & conditions so bad that many fisherman are not even able to go out. There are also reports of water temperatures seeming colder than usual. On the brighter side we have had shipments from our usual supply lines. Even though some of them are sending at reduced volumes, they are still sending amazing stuff. In particular, the SSC New Caledonia shipment this past week was full of some stellar specimens and we still have a few left so you have not entirely missed out.

Coral Cites quotas are also another hot topic around this time of year. Generally annual exports quotas are set during January & February. Until the new quotas are established no new Cites permits can be issued but fortunately our suppliers are forward thinking enough to ensure we have enough permits available to get us through this period. We have a strong line up of shipments scheduled for next week and with it the usual amount of those hard to find cherries. As always check our online real time inventory to get a feel for whats available and if you have a really special request ask your Account Managers to keep their eyes peeled for you!

This week I have to talk about a couple aquacultured angels. We not only have another Cultured Blue Maze Angel (Chaetodontoplus cephalareticulatus), but we also just took shipment of another Aquacultured Clarion Angel (Holacanthus clarionensis) and this one is just as stunning as the first one. Both these fish are juveniles, and there is only one of each here. If you want either of these fish, do not wait.

Also on the very unique side of things, we have a limited number of Flathead Crocodilefish (Cociella crocodila) in stock that are sure to to turn even the most jaded aquarist's head.

If you've been looking for Purple Tangs (Zebrasoma xanthurum), we have a great batch in right now after a lapse in stock because of bad collection conditions. These are in great shape and we have a good variety of sizes.

On the invertebrate front, we have a few very nice Oulophyllia Coral (Oulophyllia sp.) which is a neat coral; it's less common than the other "brain" corals, while still being pretty easy to keep. Just make sure they get consistent meaty meals.

We also have a limited number of Orange Cycleceris (Cycloseris cyclolites). This picture does no justice to a plate type coral that just glows orange. You will not be sorry if you order every one of these in stock.

On the Aquaculture front, you should check out our current batch of A/C Favia (Favia sp) right now. These are in great condition and we have a really excellent variety of colors.