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Bob's Picks

Our husbandry team puts substantial effort and focus on nutrition and the importance of getting newly arrived specimens back onto a regular feeding regimen. As most marine fish are continual grazers it is imperative to provide a varied diet (especially juvenile fish), to assist in alleviating the rigors of shipping. Here at QM we use a wide assortment of live, frozen and dried foods; vitamin fortified wherever possible.

Specimens that we have found to be either particular finicky eaters or food specific we choose to either offer on a special order basis only or we will simply not stock species that have dietary requirements that are prohibitive. There are some specimens that we have success keeping because we offer very specific products like Nutramar's Ova. One of these unique food item is our use of Live Mysis; in certain instances we have found it to be a game changer. It is an absolutely excellent feed for getting especially tricky specimens to return to natural aggressive eating behaviors or for putting weight on. We do have Live Mysis available on our stock list as well so dont hesitate to contact your Customer Service Representative if you have any questions.

We sincerely hope that anyone that was subjected to the extremely cold weather in North America this past week made it through without incident and we are look forward to a warming trend for you (probably not as much as you are looking forward to it though).

For those of you looking for a show stopping fish for your display aquarium, we have some of the very popular, but rarely seen Black Foxface (Siganus niger) in perfect condition. These will certainly get that advanced hobbyist to stop in his or her tracks. These have excellent deep black coloration and are in amazing shape.

We have some SSC Blonde Naso Tangs (Naso elegans) in a great variety of sizes, and some of the larger ones have streamers. These are in really excellent health and eating well. For people ordering Naso Tangs, most of the fish in this genus are fairly timid and will benefit from being displayed in small groups (3-5 or more), especially when they are small.

One of our culture facilities sent us a killer batch of Aquacultured Pearl Eye Clarkii Clowns (Amphiprion clarkii) that are a great size and quite well fed as well as having really excellent markings.

Occasionally we get a small number of Blue Carpet Anemones (Stichodactyla sp) and they are almost all immediately sold. Right now is one of those times. These are very healthy and very big. We also have a couple purple ones as well.

We have a limited number of Blue Velvet Nudibranchs (Chelidonura varians) in stock right now. Not only are these plain stunning to look at but they are also a known eater of flatworms.

On the aquacultured front, we just got a shipment of Aquacultured Fire and Ice Zoanthids (Zoanthids) that have really excellent coverage and great coloration. Give these a shot, you'll be glad you did.