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Bob's Picks

Cost vs. value I know this is something I bring up frequently because the majority of the time when it comes to livestock, the bottom line cannot be easily determined just by price. In the case hard goods such as aquarium heaters manufactured by company XX, everyone gets the exact same product. A heater will remain on the shelf until it is sold, it will not jump off the shelf or be eaten by another heater. It will not refuse to eat and its ability to perform its function will not be compromised because it took too long to get to the store. When you are comparing apples to apples, it is understandable how it can easily come down to the matter of price when making the purchase.

Livestock, on the other hand, is an entirely different beast. If my aim was to produce the lowest cost livestock available, I would find the least expensive source and reduce my freight component as much as possible while keeping my losses to an absolute minimum on arrival. Yet, would this scenario offer the most value in the long run? Without accurate performance data this is nearly impossible to quantify. Because of our advanced reporting, over the years we have developed a whole lot more insight into the true cost of all the animals that come through our facility and know which animals from which vendors are our top performers.

Arrival condition is only a small piece of the overall equation. Feeding response is important, as are any ensuing mortality and/or health issues. Overall appearance and robustness contribute as well. Here at Quality Marine our vendors performance is rated by all of these aspects and their ability to produce top results on a consistent basis. All of this helps us to meet our goal to always offer the most value for your purchase, not solely the least expensive.

This week from our sources in the Atlantic we have in stock the Banded Butterfly (Chaetodon striatus). These have been an industry staple for natural Aiptasia Anemone control.

Our MAC Certified Short Supply Chain in Fiji has been sending over the Orange Butterfly (Chaetodon kleini) in good supply recently. These are another butterflyfish that many have been implementing as a means of Aiptasia control. Their hearty feeding habits also make the transition to prepared feeds seamless.

Another new item to our long list of MAC certified species comes from our SSC in Fiji. The Richardsons Reef Damsel (Pomachromis richsonardi ) is one of my favorite damsels as they have a relatively mild disposition and these have a slight color variation from our other South Pacific sources.

Our sources in the South Pacific have been sending over some phenomenal specimens of Acropora and this past week was exceptional. Be sure to contact your Customer Service Representative to select you a few of these stunning cherries!

From our Indonesian supply line we have a limited number of Aquacultured KeddRedd Zoanthid Polyps . These have a beautiful Redface and vibrant blue mouth, be sure to check these out before theyre all gone.