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Bob's Picks

As we get nearer to the first day of winter its always a good idea to review ones plan in the case of a power outage. It is obviously better to be prepared than to be caught in a whirlwind of trying to acquire a generator when the lights are out. One can never count on Mother Nature to be kind to us earth dwellers and there isnt a single location that is completely immune to her effects. Heavy precipitation, heat waves, earthquakes, or unexpected wind storms can wreak havoc on electrical grids, often with little to no warning.

At a bare minimum, one should have enough emergency power available to be able to at least run the recirculation pumps or perhaps use a very large air blower to provide air to all of your different aquaria. Heating (or cooling in the summer) should also be considered in the extraordinary situation(s) where there are extensive outages. Also some very basic system design requirements should never be ignored like whether or not your sump is large enough to hold all of the water drainage, you would be surprised to see how many people overlook this. A flood can only add to one's stress level, especially when fumbling around in the dark. I know it can be difficult and sometimes expensive to prepare for the unexpected but with a little planning and effort you stand a chance if that major disaster comes knocking on your door.

This week we have some unique Wantanabei Angels (Genicanthus watanabei) from our SSC in the Coral Sea. They are in great health, and some have a slight orangish cast to them.

Also from the Coral Sea we have some really beautiful Male Lineatus wrasses (Cirrhilabrus lineatus). There are a few XL "Super males" mixed in here that are spectacular.

We have a limited number of some extremely cool Orange Toadfish (Halophryne sp.) here right now. If you are looking for something striking to stand out in a display, look no further.

Sticking to the bright orange theme, we have some Orange Tube Anemones (Cerianthus sp.) here right now that have to be seen to be believed. These are quite hardy, and can be kept in low light scenarios.

Also on the invertebrate front we have a great batch of Dwarf Cassiopeia Jelly Fish. These little guys have coloration you will need to see to believe. For all you shops with a Jelly Tank, these are just the ticket.