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Bob's Picks

Typhoon Haiyan has wreaked havoc on much of southeast Asia. From what we have been informed about, the Philippines has been the most severely impacted country and received the highest amount of devastation. Most of the larger metropolitan areas are getting back to operational having escaped the worst of the storms wrath, but the outlying areas have shouldered the brunt of the massive weather anomaly.

Communication has been extremely difficult with many of the fisherman in the collection area and determining the full extent of the damage is far from complete. Our thoughts are with the people of the Philippines while they dig out from this tragedy and cope with the losses they suffered. We hope, like everyone else, for a speedy recovery.

The impact on the coral reefs and the surrounding environment will take years to truly assess. The displacement of species caused by this event could result in a ecosystem / biodiversity shift for the region but only time will tell. The priority will (and should) be in providing assistance to those in need, and with that in mind here is a link where you can donate to the Redcross relief effort.

We have some of the biggest Lionfish (Pterois volitans) that I have seen in a long time in stock right now. For anyone looking for a big, hardy, showstopping fish, look no further.

On Thursday we got a small shipment of our Aquacultured Banded Catfish (Chilocyllium punctatum). We have a good supply and they are all very healthy.

For anyone looking for a showstopper that is a bit smaller, we have a limited supply of Super Male Golden Rhomboid Wrasses (Cirrhilabrus rhomboidalis). These are in great shape, eating well and just gorgeous.

On the invertebrate front, we have a good selection of Two Color Acan Lord Colonies (Acanthastrea lordhowensis) from Australia in a great range of sizes. They have all been here for long enough to get fat and healthy and are ready to go.

We got another shipment of Aquacultured Chalices (Echinophyllia sp.) this week that is just stunning; among the best are the "Brick Red Echinophyllia" which are amazing and should be snapped up.

We also added some showpiece sized Lobophyllia and 2 massive Aussie Duncan Colonies to our WYSIWYG this week. Hop on our online ordering system and check these out (along with the rest of the stuff!)