News / Company News / Bob's Picks (11/04/11)

Bob's Picks

It was another great week here at Quality Marine. We received stock from two new supply lines and so far they look very promising both in terms of quality and diversity. From the Eastern Pacific Ocean we are getting a whole new range of fish and invertebrates, many of which are some new species of algae and/or detritus grazers. There are some interesting species of fish, including a type of Flame Cardinal Fish and small sized Pacific Lookdowns. As we refine the packing techniques for this vendor look for the species mix to grow as we will be bringing in more species to add to our already expansive inventory.

We also have a new supply line of Australian corals. Whenever we receive coral shipments from a new supply line we will quarantine them in our holding area so we can properly assess vibrancy of coloration, overall health and sizing. Again, we look at arrival condition to determine what adjustments, if required, need to be made in packaging techniques. Something to keep in mind as well is the impact of transportation on the corals and the degree of color shift that occurs during the process. In order to properly ascertain coloration it is of utmost importance to allow them time to rest and recoup from the rigors of travel. Our excellent water quality and flow combined with intense lighting gives us the optimal environment to see what these corals will actually look like. We hope that this coming week will be just as exciting for our loyal clientele as it is for us here at QM.

From our supply line in Micronesia we have a limited number of the Pale Tail Reef Chromis (Chromis xanthura). These look very similar to the Chromis opercularis but have an almost white coloration from the caudal peduncle throughout the tail. These are not in the trade often and would make a great addition to most reef aquariums.

From our new supply line in the Eastern Pacific we have available the Galapagos Cleaner Shrimp (Lysmata galapagensis). These are very close in size to the well known Peppermint Shrimp and have a very interesting color pattern.

We have a very cool clean up item in the Dove Algae Grazer Snail (Columbella sp). These are also known as a Money Shell or Pygmy Conch and are a burrowing algae grazer that targets diatoms as its main food source.

We have a wide selection of Australian Button Corals (Scolymia australis) in stock. Check out our photos and get your Customer Service Representative to select you a few cherries!

For the large FOWLR display we have a few of the Large Scale Leatherjacket Filefish (Cantheschenia grandisquamis) available. These are very good sized so they will need lots of room. These fish are stunning.