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Bob's Picks

This is promising to be one exciting winter season here at QM. Weve spent the summer working on our newer supply lines. The goal is the same as it always is; to provide better consistency and variety as we make our way toward the holidays. The complexity of coordinating our weekly arrivals can at times be daunting, and frequently a lot hinges on the airline schedule changes. In a perfect world, we schedule shipment arrivals over the whole week in order to maintain our acclimation protocols and ensure every consignment receives the time and care required for a seamless transition to the QM holding system. In an imperfect world, we still ensure the time and the care needed are taken, but our guys stay pretty late when those airline schedules change. The newest supply lines are always the biggest challenge as far as this goes. You can be assured, that regardless of the challenges showing up at our door, that we are dedicated to taking the time to make sure you are getting what you expect and animals are getting the attention they deserve.

The large Tongan Pink Paly (Palythoa sp) rocks you've been looking for are here and they are stunners. Keep these under super bright light and high flow to maintain the stupendous coloration.

Last week we got an excellent batch of Midas Blennies (Ecsenius midas) in from one of our Red Sea Vendors. These are in great shape with that killer orange/yellow coloration.

Our collection of Aquacultured Ultra Color Zoanthids (Zoanthid sp) is awesome right now. We leave these in a generic ("ultra") category because they have such a wide variety of polyps on them, this batch has some especially unique color forms.

We have a somewhat more limited supply of Swale's Swissguard Basslets (Liopropoma swalesi) in stock but they are also brilliantly colored and in terrific shape.

When I was walking the floor today, I couldn't help but notice that these Encrusting Purple Montipora (Montipora sp.) came in especially nice. They are richly colored and there is a good of sizes.

For those of you looking for big, show size fish, we have an excellent supply and are offering discounts on them for the rest of the month, call your sales rep right away