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Bob's Picks

All of our clients who have visited us in the last few years will have noticed our extensive use of tank tags to label our livestock. For several years, weve used these to ID all of the animals that come through our facility. It enables us to instantly see what vendor each fish came from, when they arrived, which purchase order, and of course all of the identification information about the animal. Our tank tags have been incredibly helpful for our local and visiting customers too as there are very few people who can come through our facility and properly name every single fish that we carry (we have a whole lot of oddballs out there!).

Weve recently started including a barcode on all of our tags and developed a system that allows our husbandry staff to be able scan fish in and out of inventory, noting a cause or reason, as they administer care to them. Using this system, our crew can make adjustments on a real time basis. For example, if we pull a fish out of our rehabilitation system and put it back into inventory, the adjustment to our inventory happens the second that we scan that tag with the mobile scanner. This makes our inventory more real-time than everwith even more advancements in the works.

How does this all help you? Well, for starters, we think that you should see more than XXs when looking at an inventory list. In addition, we receive shipments daily and to rely on a stock list that was generated several days earlier doesnt give an accurate picture of actual stock on hand. By seeing inventory broken down to a real number, you can have faith that when preparing an order, it will have a high fill rate without the need for significant modification later. This in turn allows you to get what you expect from Quality Marine.

If you are looking for a different species of Anthias try out the Silver-Streak Goldie (Pseudanthias kashiwae). We have been getting some excellent specimens from the Indian Ocean and their color is fantastic.

From Eastern Asia we have a limited number of Seales Cardinalfish (Apogon sealei) available. These are a good sized Cardinalfish that would look great schooling in a large reef display.

Another great item right now from the Indian Ocean is the McCoskers Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus mccoskeri). We have both small and medium sizes in stock and their coloration is awesome.

We have in from Australia a super shipment of Male Lineatus Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus lineatus) and Scotts Velvet Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus scottorum). These are very good sized specimens and their color is simply vibrant. These are sure to go fast!

If you are into Plate Corals the Neon Orange Plate Corals (Fungia sp.) from Australia are simply amazing. We have been coloring these up in our system after they have had time to rest from their journey and it sure makes a difference!