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Bob's Picks

As we move into the busy fall and winter seasons, everyone here at QM is firing on all cylinders, doing everything we can to make sure we are offering the most diverse inventory on a daily basis. This means higher inventory levels, more shipments, and more labor. Our hard-working acclimation staff is now larger and theyre here 7 days a week so we can accommodate our tried and true weekly arrivals in addition to our ever expanding network of supply lines.

The impact of transit can have negative effects on animal health. Specimens need to be rested once they arrive at our facility and the all important aspect of nutrition cannot be overlooked either. Getting into a feeding routine as soon as possible after arrival is a critical component in the chain of custody. To this end, our husbandry staff uses an incredible variety of foods to make sure each fish gets the sustenance they need while keeping their natural feeding response intact.

While this additional care is labor intensive, we feel it is an integral ingredient for the overall health of the animal. The application of these practices mean we can offer a healthier, better acclimated animal to you and it gives this animal the best chances for long term success even after it leaves our facility.

We have some seldom seen species in the trade available this week and headlining the list is the Australian Flathead Perch (Rainfordia opercularis). Very difficult to collect due to rough water conditions, habitat structure and the depth we were able to procure a limited number of these treasures. An absolute find for the collector of rare species.

Coming in at a little over 4 the Wrought-Iron Butterfly (Chaetodon daedalma) is another highly sought after rarity we currently have in stock. These are doing great and look amazing.

From Cocos-Keeling Island we have Joculator Angels (Centropyge joculator) available. They are eating like champs and have to be seen to fully appreciate their beauty.

On the Aquacultured side we have in stock the White Moon Sub-Adult Angel (Pomacanthus maculosus). This is a rare color variant that develops the white moon pattern instead of the commonly seen yellow pattern.

Be sure to ask your Customer Service Representative about our latest addition to our line of Maricultured offerings the Branch/Cave Cultured Rock. Each unique piece is individually wrapped and is an extensive myriad of coralline encrusted nooks and crannies.