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Bob's Picks

Its been an awesome week here at Quality Marine as we had a number of new species show up and some really fantastic corals that were selected by our staff out in the field. We received some exceptionally stunning specimens, so be sure to speak to your Customer Service Representative this coming week as they are your eyes and ears here at QM. Fish supply has picked up as well and we are seeing the seasonal recruitment of certain species. We have stepped up our number of weekly shipments in anticipation of the winter season which in turn allows us greater access to species that are restricted to specific areas of collection.

Now would be a great time to come to Southern California and schedule a visit to Quality Marine so you can see firsthand our extensive inventory. Walking around here and viewing our current stock would surely inspire you to start stocking some previously overlooked fish. There are so many underrated specimens here that need to be viewed in person to really be able to appreciate their beauty. With the holiday season approaching, now is the time to start getting some new offerings in your store for your customers to pique their interests.

While we have some of the most knowledgeable and caring CSRs in the industry, I highly recommend that all of our loyal supporters schedule some time to come on by and view our state of the art facility and meet some of the QM team in person.

Today we received a really outstanding batch of Cultured Acropora (Acropora sp.). The variety is excellent, there are even a few combination rocks that are sure to garner some attention.

We have an extremely limited number of large Flame Rose Bulb Anemones (Entacmaea sp) that have to be seen to be believed, and are some of the biggest we've ever seen. These are amazing, and we only have a couple.

From our Fijian Short Supply Chain, we have a very robust batch of Purple Queen Anthias (Pseudanthias tuka cf.). This is a very delicate species of anthias, making that Short Supply Chain all the more important. This is how and when to buy these.

We have very limited number of Juvenile Cultured Annularis Angels (Pomacanthus annularis) available. These are in great shape and eating well. A couple have aberrant markings and the price is pretty unbelievable.

We also have a great selection of Medium Purple Tangs (Zebrasoma xanthurum) that are all eating well and ready for new homes. These are a great size and in good shape.